What Credit Recovery Services Can Do For You

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We Can Help You Overcome Your Bad Credit History

When faced with bad credit, Credit Restore USA provides credit recovery services in times of need. But why and how do we get there? Sometimes, it can be as simple as a late payment. Other times, it can be as drastic as bankruptcy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help give you a heads up on what to look out for. We can help find the reasons for your slump and help guide you to rebuild a sound financial history.

Typical Reasons for Bad Credit

We tend to forget, or sometimes don’t even know, what can cause bad credit. The causes might seem minor, but are major reasons to drop your score. If you have done any of these, more than likely this one of the reasons for your bad credit.

  1. Late Payments

    That’s right, late payments can drop your rating. Sometimes it happens, but after a few times it starts to add up.

  2. Missed Payments

    Just like late payments, it happens. Sadly, your unpaid accounts aren’t as forgiving as you wish they would be. After a few missed payments, they can send your score straight into the red zone.

  3. Defaulted Loans

    We forget to pay a loan or sometimes we just can’t afford to pay it back at the moment. Even if you had a good excuse, your report doesn’t really care. Not paying back those loans drops your numbers.

  4. Overdrawn Accounts

    Maybe you forgot how much you had in your account or maybe you needed gas in you car. You happen to put in one extra gallon, sending you below zero in your account. No matter the excuse, overdrawn accounts still hurt you.

  5. Auto Repossession

    Banks can repossess cars in multiple ways. The most common reason is not making timely loan payments. Just like a defaulted loan, this can strongly hurt you financially.

  6. Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy can cause a lot of issues. Filing for bankruptcy is not only a problem with paperwork, but it packs a punch on your financial history. Although claiming bankruptsy can help and waive off your unwanted student loans, it doesn’t waive off your credit.

  7. Foreclosure

    Just like an auto repossession, a foreclosure is usually due to lack of payments. Not only does your home get taken away from you, but your score drops, putting a huge scar on your financial history.

What Are Credit Recovery Services?

Our credit recovery services are provided by professional, ethical, repair specialists who genuinely want to help you improve your financial situation. They work to provide tips and guidance on improving your score and settle your debt. We work with you and for you to discover, report, and dispute inaccuracies and discrepancies in your official credit report. Our experts offer plans that work for you to help and get you back on track. Getting your numbers up is the best way to increase your borrowing opportunities while decreasing your annual interest rates.

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