The only other cost associated with the credit repair process is your monthly credit reports used to update your credit profile and scores monthly. During the enrollment process we show you how to obtain your 3 bureau report at a very affordable cost.

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When you enroll in our credit repair service we will help you obtain your initial credit report from the 3 credit bureaus. After that you will receive updated credit reports directly from the credit bureaus containing the results for that month’s work. Once you receive the updated reports each month you must upload them to your client portal. All of this is explained in your welcome email that you receive after you enroll.

Credit Restore USA will need 3 items from you after you enroll. We will need:

1. A copy of your Driver’s License or State issued ID
2. A copy of your Social Security Card
3. A Copy of a recent utility bill with your current address

If you do not have a copy of your social security card we can accept a copy of a W2, paystub or tax return containing your social security number. These items can e scanned directly into your client portal. All of this will be explained in your welcome email you receive after enrollment.

While there is no way to determine this because each credit report is so differet, but on average our customer are with us 3-6 Months.. You are not required to stay in the program for the full term. You may cancel at any time. Our goal is to get your credit repair completed as soon as possible.

When you enroll in our credit repair service you are charged the $99 account set up fee. The date you enroll is your anniversary date and the following month you will be billed on the same date for the previous month’s credit repair work. Example: if you enroll on the 14th of February you will be billed on March 14th for the credit repair services performed in February. Your monthly bill will continue to be processed on the 14th of the month until you have completed the credit repair program

Your credit repair will begin right away, as we start working on files the very same day you enroll. You will receive your first updated credit reports in the mail in approximately 30-35 days after you enroll in our credit repair service.