Good Credit vs Bad Credit

What does it really cost?

Bad credit can hurt you in many ways. It can require you to pay security deposits for simple every day necessities like a cell phone or electricity. It can also leave you stuck with high interest rates on home and car purchases. You save money with good credit, so stop delaying and get on track to improved credit today! With our affordable credit repair service you can improve your credit for as little as $49 a month!

Take a look at what good credit vs bad credit will cost you:

30 Year Mortgage of $220,000

Rate Payment Credit Cost
Good 4.5% $1,013 $0
Average 6.5% $1,264 $90,360
Poor 11% $1,904 $320,760

5 Year Auto Loan of $31,000

Rate Payment Credit Cost
Good 2.9% $556 $0
Average 7.9% $627 $4,260
Poor 18% $787 $13,860

(Rates are only to be used strictly for demonstration purpose only, and are estimates)

Examples like this make it clear that your credit can have a very heavy impact on your financial situation. Poor credit can also affect your personal life as well. Improve your situation with Credit Restore USA’s service, which starts as low as $49 a month.

Good Credit vs Bad Credit